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Sudeep Lalka is amongst the leading education consultants in Mumbai. Practicing since 2014, Sudeep has counseled several of his personal students. His students have been successfully placed in leading educational institutes over the globe. He completed his Bachelor’s in Architecture from University of Mumbai and worked in the industry and as a lecturer for a year before going to the US to pursue higher education.

Educated at the Fox School of Business with Masters in Innovation Management and graduated with the Dean’s Certificate of Excellence. He worked as a Project Manager in the healthcare sector before resuming his passion to help students with their education.

With a mission to impact the education system in India, Intuit Education was founded as the brainchild of Sudeep, who prides in bringing the best and the latest practices in education to help his student realize their dreams.

Why we choose Intuit Education?

An average student in the West has his career and academic preferences narrowed down to a few by the time they make it to High School. There is a robust infrastructure there that identifies the potential of an individual and allows them to excel in their areas of interests. Research suggest that a typical student of the Indian Education system is confused and unsure about their choice even after they get admitted to an undergraduate degree program.

Intuit was formed with the mission to identify the best practices, concepts and methodologies used in the Western Countries in the field of education, admissions, counseling, and to introduce them here in India. Being a graduate of the Fox School of Business, our founder has a first-hand experience of the world class educational practices and how they can help you transform your careers. Every student that Intuit has counseled has had their confusions resolved and their questions answered. Intuit is committed to provide a one-stop solution for all your needs educational queries.

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Our Mission

No child must feel disoriented about their career choice and the path they decide for their future. We firmly believe that education is not a race but an experience of constant learning and improvement upon oneself. We at Intuit are dedicated to help each of our student discover the hidden genius within them.

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