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The US is the most popular destination for students willing to study abroad. Although, over more than 90% of students applying to study in USA have not visitied the United States. This is where consulting a Study in USA Consultant becomes important. The task of choosing a college or a university is mostly undertaken without the underlying thought of where the location of the university is, its connectivity to local transport, additional expenses that need to be considered based on the city you choose, the safety of the locality for immigrants and many other such essential information that one may miss out on when researching online. It is imperative for a consultant to consider every important aspect for your study in USA program.

Although it may seem like a trivial expense, it is very important to take professional advice since there most of the time, the amount of money you end up saving (reduced application expenses/ scholarship chances/ rejection of F1 visa) in the long run is a lot more than what you spend. Consulting a professional education consultant also provides you a peace of mind that your future and choices are in expert hands and you are less likely to make mistakes throughout your application process. Intuit Education provides a hand-holding experience from the time you begin your study in USA journey till the time you are settled in your accommodation on your college campus.

For any questions or queries that you may have as to how can Intuit help you with your journey, please feel free to schedule a free appointment to have them answered.

Education In The US

In the US, higher education refers to optional schooling that is done after secondary (high school) education. Also known as tertiary education, third level, third stage, post-secondary education, or higher education takes place either in universities or colleges all around the country. More >>

US Colleges & Universities

Americans love to have variety in their personal lives and always like to have choices. This is reflected in the wide variety of institutions of higher learning existing in the U.S. There are a large number of colleges and universities in the United States that were formed by religious groups and organizations. More >>

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